Buy Indica Marijuana Online

Buy Indica Marijuana Online

We are experienced growers and are licensed for cultivation/ distribution. We are on budbay to unload some of our product to the East Coast’s Serious buyers.

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The cannabis industry has been booming in the last 5 years.

There are thousands of new dispensaries, marijuana software companies, packaging businesses, and other canna-businesses that are popping up to fill the demand.

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 1. MediGreen

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This theme is for the medical use of marijuana. Therefore, if you offer consulting, legal, dispensary, and lounge services, and you have a WordPress site, this is an excellent theme for your website. This WP theme comes packaged with a total of 7 homepages, live demos, and a generous number of beautifully designed inner pages.

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The theme comes with your business needs in mind. You are wondering what is contained in the full package? The following is a list of all the features that you will enjoy if you get to integrate this theme into your WP site.


  • Compatibility with the latest version of WordPress
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  • This theme comes bundled with most of the functionality that you need. For this reason, developers may feel out of control.
  • You might also find the cost a bit high for a theme that does not give you complete code control.

 2. Indicana

This theme was created specifically for marijuana medical clinics, dispensaries, coffee shops, medical cannabis stores, or shops that sell marijuana for recreational purposes.

What are the differences: Indica vs Sativa effects


When you read a description of a cannabis seed, it will often mention whether it is an Indica or a Sativa or a hybrid with elements of both. But what does this actually mean and what influence does it play on the effects of the weed? Even if it may seem to many beginners that all marijuana plants look the same, when it comes to growing cannabis, it does matter which type of cannabis you choose.

In principle, there are many other types of cannabis, but Indica and Sativa are the most important two. This article is about all the differences and which type of cannabis is best for which kind of effect.

Effects: Stoned vs High

A general assumption by marijuana enthusiasts and growers is that Indicas have a more physical sedative effect (“stone”) while the high of Sativas is mentally stimulating and creative. But this is only partially true.

New studies on the effects of cannabis indicate that the effect of smoking or taking marijuana depends on many other things, such as the specific content of terpenes of one variety (terpenes are the aromatic components of cannabis) and the proportion and balance of the two cannabinoids THC and CBD.

Most cannabis strains today are crosses of Indica and Sativa. Thanks to such “hybrid strains” there are almost infinite possibilities for marijuana species and therefore also for their effects. For example, a strain can have 30% Indica and 70% Sativa, and combine the best properties of both types.

In practice, this means that such a strain does have the soothing physical “stone” of an Indica, for example, but also with the stimulating head high of a Sativa. And even if we speak of pure cannabis strains, the effect can also vary depending on the strain.

What are the effects of Sativa?

When it comes to the effects, the amount of THC or CBD in the plant is much more crucial than the actual variety and proportion of Sativa/Indica.

THC is the psychoactive component of cannabis that is responsible for the “high”. The other cannabinoid CBD has no psychoactive effect. CBD is useful in the treatment of a wide range of diseases because it only provides soothing properties and does not produce a “high”.

It is also interesting that the two cannabinoids influence each other in their effects. A higher amount of CBD in a cannabis strain counteracts the THC for a milder and more balanced effect.

What are the effects of Indica?

Indica effects are more of a “physical” high, which is very calming and often leads to tiredness. For this reason, Indica varieties are commonly used for pain-relieving purposes or for sleep disorders. It is often claimed that the perception of music, television or even the taste of food is improved. Because of the very body-heavy effect, the effect is very often referred to as stoned. In other words, you feel like a heavy stone that just doesn’t want to move.

The effect of Sativa, in contrast to Indica, is very top-heavy and stimulates thought. It often increases attention and is, therefore, mostly consumed during the day. Powerful Sativa strains with extremely high THC levels can even cause weak hallucinations and have a very trippy effect. It is not without reason that the effect is often called high.

Indica vs Sativa effects for medicinal use

For the medicinal use of cannabis, the first thing to consider is which effect is actually desired. Here some examples:

  • Indicas or hybrids that contain relatively little THC are suitable for calming and for stress or sleep disorders.
  • An energizing Sativa is probably more suitable for raising the mood in the case of depression or tiredness and general listlessness.
  • For chronic pain, tension and other diseases, cannabis strains with a high proportion of CBD (both Sativa or Indica) can help. However, it also depends on the individual effect and the desired effect:
  • Some patients prefer varieties without a “high” for self-treatment, i.e. cannabis with low THC.
  • Other medical users don’t want to be high without them because it helps them treat their symptoms.

The effects mentioned above of Indica and Sativa are more of a rough starting aid if you want to quickly find a strain with a special effect. Not all pure Indicas (or pure Sativas) have the same effect, and an Indica does not always have sedative properties, and Sativas don’t always induce creative and lively highs.

Although the differences between Sativas and Indicas offer a good rule of thumb, we recommend trying out various strains for yourself to discover which variety is best for you!

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